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For MFGG Game Jam 5. Also, please check out Super Mario: Magnum Opus

You are Captain Nintendo, piloting a starship across the outer edges of the galaxy. Are you safe? Nope! Samus is out sick, and you've encountered deadly Metroid aliens, hell-bent on destroying you. The problem is...you can't see them. These advanced aliens exist on a higher dimensional plane than you. The only way to stop them is to harness the power of an ancient celestial object...THE DS! With Dual Screens, you can navigate yourself on the top screen while detecting enemies on the bottom screen. With this, you can aim your laser cannons and blast dem aliens down. Get hit, and it's 3 strikes until you're out. See how long you can last in this interdimensional battle!

Credits: Nintendo, usage of Nintendo DS iconography, sound effects, PictoChat theme from Super Smash Bros.

Install instructions

Extract ZIP file > Run "DS Dimensional Shooters" (has a little DS icon)


DS_Dimensional_Shooters.zip 25 MB

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